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BOWIEGOLDENYEARS began life in 2000 as both a tribute to a triumphant period (1974-80) in David Bowie's career and a design experiment, at a time when the internet was not yet bursting with Bowie tribute sites.

BOWIEGOLDENYEARS was cited as 'superb' by David Bowie's website, and in 2010 The Guardian named it Site Of The Week. This led to an invitation from Omnibus Press to create a large format fully illustrated book based on the site, expanded to include the years 1970 to 1980.

In December 2016 David Bowie The Golden Years was published internationally by Omnibus and a Japanese language version published by Shinko Music.

Since the book's completion I have been overhauling the entire site and will be releasing pages as they are completed. Stay tuned here and at the book's Facebook page for news and updates.



These are some of the excellent sites and books that were an invaluable reference source for both BOWIEGOLDENYEARS and the book.


illustrated db discography
Ruud Altenburg

Bassman's David Bowie page
Stefan Westman

Bowie Wonderworld
Paul Kinder

The Young American - David Bowie in America 1974
Chris Carter


Bowie An Illustrated Record
Roy Carr & Charles Shaar Murray 1981

David Bowie A Chronology
Kevin Cann 1983

David Bowie Moonage Daydream
Dave Thompson 1987

The Complete David Bowie
Nicholas Pegg 2002-

Strange Fascination
David Buckley

Paul Trynka

Any Day Now
Kevin Cann


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